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Invisalign® Braces

At River Oaks Dental we are pleased to offer Invisalign® for our patients. Invisalign straightens teeth using clear, removable aligners for a straighter smile. 

What are the advantages of Invisalign®?

Since Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, they allow you to maintain a more natural looking smile throughout treatment.

Unlike traditional fixed braces, patients are able to remove the Invisalign aligners whenever and wherever they wish. Being able to remove the aligners allows patients to continue to enjoy their favourite foods and drinks without any of the restrictions of traditional metal braces.

And because the aligners are removable, cleaning and flossing teeth is much easier as patients are able to simply maintain their usual dental hygiene routine.

How often are appointments required during treatment?

During Invisalign® treatment, patients will need to attend a short appointment at our office approximately every four to six weeks.

Invisalign Clear Braces, Oakville Dentist

How does Invisalign® work?

After determining if you are a good candidate for Invisalign, our team will take impressions of your smile. Invisalign 3D imaging software will use this impression to create a series of virtually invisible aligners.

You will wear each aligner in your series for approximately two weeks before exchanging it for the next aligner. As patients move along in the series, their teeth will gradually and gently straighten without any of the inconvenience and discomfort of traditional fixed braces.

Is Invisalign® available for adults?

Invisalign is a popular treatment for our adult patients. We understand that adult patients can be reluctant to proceed with traditional orthodontic treatment.

Although they may desire the benefits and confidence that a beautiful smile and improved bite provides, the idea of wearing traditional metal braces continuously possibly for a number of years, can be a deal breaker in many cases.

Invisalign treatment delivers even teeth and a proper bite while maintaining a natural-looking smile that you can be proud of.

Is Invisalign® available for teens?

Yes! Invisalign is an increasingly popular choice for our teen patients.