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Giving Back to Our Community

At River Oaks Dental, we take great pride in being active members of our community. In addition to being your dental healthcare provider in Oakville for over 30 years, we love giving back through our involvement with some very worthwhile local charity events.

Charity of Hope

This year in celebration of Oral Health month in April, the dentists and team at River Oaks Dental gave the gift of oral care. This year we partnered with Charity of Hope to give back to kids and families in need. 

Charity of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving hope to children and youth in need. Since 1999, the Charity of Hope has brought joy and hope to hundreds of children and their families. Each participant received a check-up with a dentist, a cleaning, and a oral care kit. 


Charity of Hope, River Oaks Dental


River Oaks is a strong supporter of Wellspring. Our work with Wellspring has raised over $50,000 to date.  We are grateful to our patients, staff and partners who have contributed so generously to this worthy cause over the years.  

Your donations and efforts have helped fund the build of a new home. 


Wellspring, River Oaks Dental

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