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Intra Oral Camera

An intra oral camera is a high-resolution camera that fits comfortably in your mouth. This tiny camera allows your dentist to obtain accurate and detailed images of the inside of your mouth which you can view together.

When is an intra oral camera used?

An intraoral camera is a great chairside tool that allows you to be an active member in your oral health. The camera allows your dentist to get clear and accurate images of your mouth that he/she can save directly to your file with a click of a button.

The camera allows our dental team to take before and after photos of your restorations and also allows your dentist to show you a damaged tooth with greater accuracy.

What are the benefits of an intra oral camera?

Dentists once showed their patients their teeth using a mirror which often left a foggy picture at best. The intraoral camera allows our dental professionals to show you an accurate photo of each of your teeth so you can make an informed decision together. We use these images to discuss your potential treatment plan.

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