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Thumb Sucking/Breaking Appliances

Most children will outgrow their thumb sucking behaviour before entering grade school. Thumb sucking can however become a concern if it persists after the eruption of the adult teeth. 

How can thumb sucking lead to dental problems?

After the eruption of adult teeth, thumb sucking can cause the teeth to become improperly aligned.

It can also push the teeth outward. Thumb sucking can also lead to malformation in the upper palate (also known as the roof of the mouth).

How can I help my child to stop sucking her thumb?

At River Oaks Dental, our friendly and caring dental team has many years of experience assisting parents in helping their children to stop sucking their thumbs.

We understand how challenging it can be for parents who struggle with this behaviour.

One option available to discourage thumb sucking is a custom made dental appliance, which will be cemented behind your child’s front teeth.

The appliance is not uncomfortable, but discourages thumb sucking by making it far less enjoyable.

Break the Thumb Sucking Habit, Oakville Children's Dentist

Is a thumb sucking appliance right for my child?

If your child continues to suck her thumb after she begins to get her adult teeth, contact our caring team to schedule an appointment to discuss your options to help your child stop sucking her thumb.

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