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Dental Veneers in Oakville

Porcelain veneers are very thin, custom-made porcelain covers, which are placed over your existing teeth to improve their appearance. In order to fix a single damaged or misaligned tooth, one single veneer can be placed. Many veneers can also be used to create a complete smile makeover.

Why is porcelain used for veneers?

Veneers can be made from different types of materials.

However, because porcelain is a very strong and durable material, it is highly resistant to breakage and thus can create a strong, long lasting veneer.

Also, porcelain veneers do not change colour or stain, resulting in a veneer that remains the ideal shade of white for your smile.

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How will my dentist apply the porcelain veneers to my teeth?

Your porcelain veneers will be applied to your teeth in a two-step process and will require two appointments.

At your first appointment, we will apply a local anaesthetic and remove a thin layer of enamel from the front of your teeth.

This removal of enamel will provide room for the veneer to be placed.

Our team will then take an impression of your teeth that will be used to create your custom-fitted veneers.

At the end of this appointment, our experienced team will apply temporary veneers to your teeth. Your temporary veneers will remain in place until your custom-fitted veneers are available.

At your second appointment, our team will remove your temporary veneers and coat your teeth with a mild acid. The acid will etch the surface of your teeth to allow the veneers to adhere.

Then our team will bond your custom fitted veneers to your teeth, resulting in a natural looking dazzling smile.

Am I a good candidate for veneers?

You may be a good candidate for veneers if you do not have any cavities that have not yet been treated and you are not suffering from periodontal disease.

The teeth to which you wish to apply the veneers must be healthy, with sufficient enamel and in good condition. Generally, patients who clench or grind their teeth are not good candidates for porcelain veneers, since clenching or grinding can chip the veneer.

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