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Teeth Whitening

If you have noticed that your teeth just aren’t as white as they used to be, you are not alone. Wicked White tooth whitening system restores your white smile, minus sensitivity and inconvenience.

Teeth Whitening

What causes tooth discolouration?

Aging, accidents, and beverages such as tea, coffee and red wine can over time dull the appearance of your natural white enamel, resulting in a smile that is less white than it used to be.

Why is a professional dental whitening system better than another solution?

Some causes of tooth discolouration do not respond well to certain teeth whitening approaches. In order to achieve the desired results, it is important to consult with a dentist prior to beginning a tooth whitening regime.

What is Wicked White?

Wicked White is a professional tooth whitening system that restores your white smile, without the sensitivity, costly treatments or inconvenience of other high-quality systems.

At-home and in-office treatment options

Wicked White has a whitening solution for everyone, whether you prefer in-office or at-home options.

The PRO line is completed in-office by dental professionals and typically delivers results within hours of just one visit.

The HOME line can be done in the comfort of your own home at your convenience. Both deliver great quality results.

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Why should I trust Wicked White?

The system has been tested for composition, effectiveness, longevity and cost.

Wicked White Teeth Whitening

The neutral pH of the gel, pretreatment liquid and ingredients in the solution work together to help prevent dehydration and discomfort, and will not damage the structural integrity of your teeth.

Used with patent photo initiator gels that contain no preservatives, harsh chemicals or animal byproducts, Wicked White has delivered proven results.

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