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Soft Tissue Management

At River Oaks Dental your hygienist will develop a soft tissue management plan to put you on the path to optimal oral health.

How will I know if I need a soft tissue management plan?

During your regular checkup, our skilled dental team will examine your gums for areas that are infected or inflamed or will look for ‘periodontal pockets'. These periodontal pockets are a sign of gum disease.

If you have periodontal pockets, we may recommend a soft tissue management plan in order to prevent progression of gum disease.

What can I expect in a soft tissue management plan?

If you need a soft tissue management plan, our experienced dental team will develop an effective program that is personalized to your individual needs.

Some of the effective treatments we often recommend include frequent hygiene appointments, root planning and scaling, specialized home care routines, antibiotics, and, in rare cases, surgical procedures.

The primary goal of a soft tissue management plan is to control periodontal disease (gum disease). The program aims to eliminate inflammation and infection in the gums and on root surfaces.

The desired result is healthy gums that are not tender or inflamed and do not bleed, reduced pocket depths, and, ultimately, well controlled periodontal disease.

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