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Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are much faster than traditional x-rays. We are proud to offer our patients a "paperless" environment for faster and more environmentally friendly care.

What are digital x-rays?

Digital x-rays use technologically advanced techniques to store the image of the x-ray in digital format. Digital x-rays are much faster than traditional x-rays.

This results in a quicker, more comfortable experience. Additionally, all digital x-rays are stored in our computer system for easy reference for our team at any point during your visit.

Digital x-rays help us to provide optimal care, earlier detection of any problems, precise monitoring and treatment.

How safe are digital x-rays?

Dental x-rays are very safe by any known standard. While all x-rays will produce a small amount of radiation, digital dental x-rays will produce a much lower level of radiation than traditional x-rays.

Rest assured that our experienced team will put your safety first, taking every precaution to ensure that you are exposed to the least amount of radiation possible.

Why are dental x-rays necessary?

Dental professionals rely on x-rays to view things in your mouth that they cannot see during a visual examination.

X-rays give our dentists the ability to detect problems such as tooth decay, bone damage, and dental injuries, earlier than they would be able to with a visual examination. 

How often do I need a digital x-ray?

If an x-ray is recommended, our dental team will tell you during your appointment.

If an x-ray is necessary, it can be taken during the same appointment and the images will be available for our team to examine immediately, resulting in less waiting.

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