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iTero™ Impression Scanner

The iTero scanner eliminates the mess and unpleasantness associated with traditional impressions. At River Oaks Dental we use this technology to help fit our patients for Invisalign® braces.

What is the iTero™ Impression Scanner?

The iTero™ impression scanner is a digital impression system which is designed to replace conventional impression making.

What are the advantages of iTero™?

iTero™ is a technologically advanced system which allows us to take impressions digitally, eliminating the need for the uncomfortable conventional putty and tray approach to impressions.

The iTero™ system also provides superior precision and accuracy. Better accuracy in the impression process means we can offer our patients the most precise results with fewer appointments. 

There is no exposure to radiation with the iTero™ system. iTero™ uses visible white light to accurately digitize your impressions, resulting in a safe, accurate result every time.

See the Final Results!

The iTero scanner allows our dental team to show you your treatment outcomes with the Invisalign Outcome Simulator. This chairside application allows you to visualize how your teeth may look at the end of your Invisalign treatment. 

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