Dr. May Taha is a general dentist at River Oaks Dental with proficiency in complete denture prosthesis.

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Dr. May Taha, Oakville Dentist

Dr. May Taha is an Associate Dentist at River Oaks Dental. She is born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. Dr. Taha graduated with honours distinction from faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University in 2004 Where she practiced general dentistry for several years before relocating to Calgary.

In 2015, Dr. Taha obtained a PhD in stem cells transplant and imaging from the University of Calgary, Alberta.

Additionally, Dr. Taha obtained her DDS degree from University of Manitoba where she was the recipient of The MacLachlan-Hart medal for proficiency in complete denture prosthesis.

In her personal time, Dr. Taha enjoys activities with her family such as fishing, hiking and travelling.

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